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StitchCraft Studio


StitchCraft Studio produces sustainable costumes, designed to be reused in versatile ways by performers of differing body types. Stress-tested, they can easily be customised further to fit specific characters. 

Anchored in over twenty years of experience in historical and fantasy costuming, and thirteen years of historical hairdressing, honed further by three years of study in Design for Performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, the StitchCraft process centres on research and designs that explore physicality and the influence of costume on character development, whilst remaining detail focussed.  

Incorporating textiles, corsetry, leatherwork, heritage crafting, and embracing the challenge of realizing great ideas whilst working within budgetary constraints, this process continues into a joy of making across pattern-drafting, fabric draping, costume construction, historical costuming, and costume embellishment. 



BA Design for Performance:

Royal Welsh College of
Music & Drama


NVQ 2 & 3 - Hairdressing:

Highbury College

Studio Panoramic
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