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Costume Skills

With over fifteen years of experience in costuming, we've got the necessary skills to bring your characters to life. 

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Whether its creating custom woven cloth, ensuring that fabric is historically accurate, sourcing sustainable materials, or sewing spandex dancewear, we know how to source and create sustainable designs that enable performers to inhabit their characters to the fullest.

We can dye fabric to match your specifications.  Once we know the shade you require, we produce a sample book of dyed fabric for you to make the final selection from.  This is then scaled up to produce the amount of fabric you require in the precise shade selected by you.


Whether its drafting a new pattern, draping on the stand, or simply altering one of the hundreds of historical, vintage and costume patterns contained in our library, we can ensure that your costume fits to your specifications.

Whether its matching stripes and plaids to create a seamless effect, mirroring a bold print across a bodice, or ensuring that a costume recreation perfectly matches the original, we're comfortable pattern-matching fabric for you.


With over fifteen years of experience in making historically accurate bodies, stays and corsets, we're confident that we can structure your garment to create the silhouette you desire.

We've been making historically accurate costume for re-enactors for over fifteen years now and have a thorough understanding of the processes involved.  Whether you need a 100% accurate hand-stitched costume, or something that looks right but is constructed with modern methods and machines, we can make it happen for you.


The art of zhuzhing...

At StitchCraft Studio we know that its the details that matter and all of our basic costumes can be easily customised further by adding embellishments and trimmings.

Sometimes a character needs their costume to be dirtied, dishevelled or distressed.  Working with you to determine your needs, we can apply either permanent or non-permanent (removeable via machine-washing) techniques to breakdown your chosen costume.  If necessary we can also engineer costumes to "break" on demand whilst maintaining structural integrity.


Thanks to our extensive knowledge of historical sewing techniques, we've got the skills necessary to repair and alter your existing costumes.  Not only can we take garments in to fit your measurements, using our costuming expertise we can also create innovative solutions to accommodate weight-fluctuation and use by multiple performers of differing body-types.

With NVQ Level 3 qualifications in hairdressing and over a decade of experience in historical hairdressing from Iron Age Warriors to 80's mohawks, we've got the knowhow to style hair or wigs appropriately whilst following industry regulations.

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