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Wardrobe: Diamond Summer

Brief: "Martian colonist exposed to a pink crystalline virus".

Designed to peek out from the neck and wrist of a custom-painted "spacesuit" already established as the character's base costume, and for the full extent of the infection to revealed by the removal of the spacesuit down to the waist. Pink hair extensions were used over the course of the initial performance; one more added each time the character appeared to suggest that the infection was continuing to spread.
Custom flesh-coloured body suit, painted and bejazzled with pink rhinestones with removeable latex patch on right shoulder to take a "skin sample". This was rigged to ooze a clear gel infused with pink glitter, and the "operation" sent the character into convulsions.
Hand wash only.

Size: 10-22

Currently unavailable to buy or hire. If you would like us to work on a similar project for you, please email:

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