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Wardrobe: Truly Evilly Scrumptious

Dark gothic recreation of the Doll on a Music Box costume worn by Sally Ann Howes in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (United Artists, 1968).

Brief: "We need a Doll minion for an Evil Toymaker..."

Research into German dirndls was conducted, and crucial elements only available in Germany were imported to add authenticity to the design. The original Doll in a Music Box costume was analysed with repeated viewings of the song to determine its cut and construction, and this was used to inform the pattern we created for the costume to ensure that, other than its gothic colouring, this costume is as close to the original as possible.

Black silk taffeta, silver satin, black lace fabric, white lace trim, silver braid, black ribbon, decorative dirndl eyelets, exposed metal zipper at back. White linen apron with black rose applique detail. Black rose choker. Matching wig. Pair with: black patent stilettos or combat boots!

Size: 10
Suitable for: Fantasy; Pantomime; Drag

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